Solar AC Prices in Pakistan 2024: Find Your Best Option.


As the sweltering heat of summer becomes a yearly challenge in Pakistan, the quest for efficient and economical cooling solutions takes center stage. Among the myriad options, solar air conditioners (ACs) stand out as a beacon of sustainability and cost-effectiveness. This in-depth guide illuminates solar AC prices in Pakistan for 2024, spotlighting prominent brands, technological advancements, and pivotal factors to consider in your purchasing journey.

Delving into Solar AC Technology

Solar ACs harness the sun’s power, directly or through inverter technology, to offer an operation that’s not only eco-friendly but also lighter on the wallet compared to traditional air conditioners. Leveraging Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, these units adeptly adjust compressor speed to meet cooling demands efficiently, thereby enhancing performance and prolonging the lifespan of the components. This section unpacks how solar technology translates into savings and superior functionality, particularly for the Pakistani market.

Leading Solar AC Brands and Their 2024 Prices in Pakistan

The competitive landscape of solar ACs in Pakistan is rich with reputable brands delivering innovative products designed to cater to a spectrum of preferences and financial constraints:

  • Inverex Solar AC: Distinguished for robust solar MPPT inverter technology, the Inverex 1.5 Ton Solar Inverter AC is expected to be priced between PKR 130,000 to 160,000.
  • Gree Solar AC: Synonymous with innovation, Gree’s solar AC models may cost between PKR 142,000 to 250,000.
  • Dawlance Solar AC: Lauded for exceptional high-temperature performance, Dawlance’s offerings could start at PKR 121,000.
  • Haier Solar AC: Featuring cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology and a UPS function, the Haier Solar 1 Ton DC Inverter could be available from PKR 150,000.
  • Orient Solar AC: Known for its Japanese PCB kit and expansive air throw, Orient solar ACs might be priced from PKR 144,000.
  • Kenwood Solar AC KES-182OS: Renowned for smart connectivity for smartphone control, this model could come at PKR 240,000.
  • TCL Solar AC: Celebrated for energy efficiency and smart airflow, TCL’s range could start from PKR 127,900.
  • LG Solar AC: With triple inverter technology for maximum efficiency, LG models might start at PKR 149,000.
  • Changhong Ruba Solar AC: Known for delivering top-notch performance at an accessible price point, starting from PKR 97,000.

Advantages of Solar ACs in Pakistan

Opting for a solar AC in Pakistan unlocks myriad benefits, such as reduced energy consumption, lower electricity bills, and minimized carbon footprint. Furthermore, their ability to maintain efficient operation during power outages and in extreme temperatures makes solar ACs an exemplary choice for Pakistan’s climate.

Navigating Your Purchase: Factors to Consider

When venturing into the solar AC market, it’s paramount to weigh several considerations to ensure a wise investment. Key factors include assessing the unit’s BTU capacity for adequate room coverage, understanding the warranty and after-sales service landscape, and comparing energy efficiency ratings. Additionally, prospective buyers should consider the compatibility of solar ACs with existing solar power systems to optimize energy use and savings.

In Conclusion: Embracing Solar ACs in 2024

Embarking on the solar AC journey in 2024 symbolizes a commitment to sustainable living, promising not just a respite from the heat but also significant financial benefits over time. With a diverse array of models available, it’s essential to evaluate brand reliability, pricing, and technological attributes to pinpoint the perfect fit for your cooling needs. As Pakistan progresses towards embracing renewable energy solutions, solar ACs represent a forward-thinking and eco-conscious choice for staying cool and comfortable.

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