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Carnivore Diet Fasting Types, Food List & Meal Plan

Understanding Carnivore Diet Fasting

In an era where dietary trends ebb and flow with public opinion and scientific discovery, one has gained compelling allure: Carnivore Diet Fasting. This guide explores the facets of this diet, including its types, food list, and practical meal plans. Whether your goal is weight loss or enhanced well-being, combining the carnivore diet with strategic fasting could transform your health.

What is Carnivore Diet Fasting?

Carnivore Diet Fasting combines the principles of the carnivore diet—eating only animal products—with periods of fasting. This approach focuses not just on what you eat but when you eat, creating a powerful synergy. Proponents claim it can lead to significant health benefits, including weight loss, improved metabolic health, and increased mental clarity.

Types of Carnivore Diet Fasting

Fat Fasting

Fat Fasting emphasizes high-fat, animal-based foods. From butter feasts to bone broth days, this method aims to push the body into ketosis, burning fat for fuel.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting on the carnivore diet can take forms such as 16/8 or OMAD (One Meal A Day), offering flexibility and adaptation to individual lifestyles and health goals.

Sardine Fasting

Sardine Fasting focuses on sardines due to their high omega-3 content and sustainability, providing a micronutrient-rich option for maximizing health benefits.

Beef and Butter Fasting

This type centers on beef and butter, praised for its simplicity and effectiveness in promoting weight loss and enhancing satiety.

BBBE (Beef, Bacon, Butter, Eggs)

Focusing on these four staples, BBBE provides an accessible entry point for beginners to fasting and carnivore dietary practices.

Carnivore Diet Food List

Embracing the carnivore diet means focusing on:

  • Fatty cuts of meat (beef, pork, lamb)
  • Poultry (preferably with skin for extra fat)
  • Fish and seafood (fatty fish like salmon are ideal)
  • Eggs
  • Animal fats (butter, ghee, tallow, lard)
  • Low-lactose dairy in moderation (heavy cream, hard cheeses)

Weekly Meal Plans for Different Fasting Types

To help you get started, here are meal plans for various fasting types, ensuring you are well-equipped for this dietary journey.

Fat Fasting Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream and butter
  • Lunch: Bone broth with added tallow
  • Dinner: Ribeye steak with butter

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan

  • 16/8 Method:
    • Lunch: Grilled chicken thighs with skin
    • Dinner: Salmon fillets with ghee
  • OMAD (One Meal A Day):
    • Dinner: Pork belly with hard cheese

Sardine Fasting Meal Plan

  • All Meals: Sardines in olive oil, optionally mixed with hard cheese

Beef and Butter Fasting Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Beef liver with butter
  • Lunch: Ground beef patties with butter
  • Dinner: Ribeye steak with butter

BBBE Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon
  • Lunch: Beef burgers with butter
  • Dinner: Pork belly with eggs

How to Start Carnivore Diet Fasting

Beginning Your Fasting Journey

Start with shorter fasting periods and gradually increase as you become more comfortable. Listen to your body, prioritize hydration, and stop if you experience adverse effects.

Adaptive Period

The adaptation to a carnivore diet varies, typically ranging from a few weeks to months. Establish this dietary foundation before introducing fasting to mitigate challenges and enhance your efforts.

Benefits and Science Behind Carnivore Diet Fasting

Carnivore Diet Fasting is supported by emerging scientific evidence and anecdotal success stories. Potential benefits include weight loss, improved metabolic health, enhanced mental clarity, and reduced inflammation.

Navigating Challenges and Side Effects

Approach Carnivore Diet Fasting with awareness of potential side effects, such as initial fatigue, cravings, or digestive adjustments. Tips for mitigating these effects and knowing when to seek professional advice ensure a safe fasting experience.


Carnivore Diet Fasting offers a unique pathway to health optimization, blending animal-based nutrition with the benefits of fasting. With careful planning, adaptation, and listening to your body, it presents an avenue for profound health transformations.

Final Thoughts

Consider your health goals, lifestyle, and preferences when exploring Carnivore Diet Fasting. Personalized approaches and professional guidance are essential for a successful and sustainable journey.

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